1kW 24V Kema Hybrid Solar Inverter SPGIII 30A with MPPT Charge Controller

Brand: Kema

Buy a 1kW 24V Kema Hybrid Solar Inverter SPGIII 30A with MPPT Charge Controller from uganda’s one stop center for kema inverters.


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UGX 3,800,000

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The SPG-KEMA Power Inverters SPGIII are innovative low frequency toroidal transformer power inverters that combine three essential functions: grid charging, maximum 150VDC MPPT charge control, and power saver modes.

These inverters offer the flexibility to choose between grid power priority, solar power priority, or power saver modes, with seamless auto-transfer between modes in just 10 milliseconds.

They feature a pure sine wave output that can adapt to various load types, and the charge current is adjustable to suit specific battery requirements. With smart and reliable fans, these inverters ensure safe operation and provide comprehensive protection against overload, short-circuits, and low battery levels. Additionally, they offer the convenience of USB/WIFI/Sim Card communication options.


  •  Off Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter SPGIII
  • 3 in 1 , Power Inverter +Grid Charger+ Max 150VDC MPPT controller
  • Low Frequency Toroidal transformer, sine wave output with AVR functioin
  • UPS design ,Auto transfer time 10 Ms
  • Selectable Grid power priority, Solar Power priority  or power Saver Modes
  • Adjustable Charge Current , selectable battery type
  • Disdisplay and setup paramter by LCD
  • Smart fan control, safe and reliable
  • The pure sine wave output, can adapt to various types of load
  • Comprehensive protection  for overload,short-circuit,Battery Low and else
  • USB/WIFI/Sim Card communicatioin option




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