300Watts 12V Solar Inverter- Giandel

  • Inverter 300Watts Giandel
  • Full input and output protection
  • Automatic thermal shutdown
  • overload protection
  • Extra Surge Capacity
  • Auto restart Function
  • low battery Alarm/shut off

UGX 120,000

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The 300watts 12v inverter is from one of the best known brands in the world. This is an inverter in solar power systems The inverter has a very good design from one of the best brands in the world.

The Inverters main function is to change DC to AC. This ensures that those appliances using AC are able to be powered. The inverter produces Modified sinewave and therefore it is quite good in the appliances it is powering. The product has a metal casing and is therefore durable. The product can be used on solar systems and is therefore great to have as an energy solution.

The product has an internal DC fuse for protection. This ensures that the product is well protected and therefore more durable. The product disconnects automatically when it realizes that the battery is low. This feature is an automatic process and does not require any human intervention. The product is easy to install even with little technical knowledge. If you are looking for durability and efficiency, then this is the product that you need. It is quite light in weight and therefore very portable. The product is compact and well designed to suit. As long as the correct sizing has been done of the loads and the battery bank, this product will make your life be un-interrupted and can be your main AC current provider or can act as a backup AC current provider for selected loads when the main grid is not there.



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