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How to start selling on solar market uganda

In the vibrant marketplace of Uganda, whether you're a seasoned player in the solar industry or a newcomer with an innovative solar product, making your mark in the solar market requires a tailored approach. Just like harnessing the power of the sun to generate energy, let's shed light on how you can shine in Uganda's solar market

selling on solar market has pushed my sales beyond mukono to literally all country round. My sales have increased 3 times in the past 7 months.

K&G Solar


Selling on solar market gives your brand unrivalled exposure

Products Appear in social

Over view

ugx 55K/

Per Month. Billed


+ additional Referral Fees

ugx 89K/

Per Month.

Billed Quarterly

+ additional Referral Fees

ugx 299k/

Per Month.

Billed Quarterly

+ additional Referral Fees

Products Appear in social media Ads.

1Using Targetingalgorithm for Meta and


Products Appear in Social Media Influencer(s) Mentions

*Platforms Twitter, Instagram & TikTok.

**Appears atleast once a month

Recommendations Powered by

Platform’s AI & ML Engine.

2Sent in Newsletters and platform cookies

based on search history.

Exclusive Brand/company/store page

Products Selected for RFQs

When a customer requests for a quotation

without being specific with any brand, only products in this category can be selected for RFQs

Product can be added to Single

Brand Bundles

Creating bundles/full systems from a single brand/company

Product can be added to a multiple Brands Bundle

Creating bundles/full systems from multiple brands/companies

Referral Fees

Top Placement on Product Details Page

Cross sell recommendations

Product Run with sitewide Promotions

Products Bundles Rank top in calculator results & Recommendations

Lead Capture and Sharing

All Leads that inquire or visit your products shall be shared instantly with your marketing team

Sell Services

Constantly write and improve product SEO

Brand has a dedicated Blog Post promoting Its strength.

Products appear in Blog posts and Vlog posts

Periodic Advertising Report

Statistics of how the Brand has performed on search and engagement.




Referral Fees

Solar Market charges a referral fee for each item sold. The amount depends on the Solar product category. Referral fees in the table below apply only to sellers that have subscribed for marketing packages, Starter, and professional Plan.
The standard Referral fees for sellers without any marketing plan is a flat percentage of 15% on any product or a minimum amount of UGX15,000/ on any product, whichever is greater.

For all members with Starter and Professional advertising packages, the following referral percentage fees apply.














Solar Market Listing Fees

Solar Market Charges a one-time listing fee of UGX 15,000 per product Listed on the Platform.

Our skilled team of experts crafts every listing with precision, optimizing them for prime search engine visibility. Your products will shine in search results, making sure potential customers find you effortlessly.

Enhanced Visibility

Your products won't just be listed; they'll be optimized for prime
visibility, attracting more eyes to your offerings.

Search Dominance

Capitalize on our SEO expertise to dominate search engine results and
outshine your competition

Google Indexing Advantage

We ensure your products are indexed by Google swiftly,
expanding your online reach.

AI-Powered Recommendations

Harness the potential of AI and ML to have your products
recommended to interested buyers automatically.

Strategic Branding:

Benefit from's reputation as a reliable solar solutions
hub, enhancing your brand's credibility.

Fast Sales Funnel

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engines thrive on your products' customized listings to provide the perfect feed and seamless recommendations to potential buyers, enhancing your chances of closing deals.

Give your Brand the exposure it deserves. Let's help you grow your solar Business effortlessly

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