copper lightening arrester for solar panel earthing-solar market Uganda

copper lightening arrester for solar panel earthing Shield your electrical system from lightning strikes and voltage surges with a lightning arrester. Experience rapid response, effective surge protection, and peace of mind. Choose from various voltage ratings and enjoy easy installation. Safeguard your equipment and ensure uninterrupted performance with a reliable lightning arrester.

UGX 300,000

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copper lightening arrester for solar panel earthing

copper lightening arrester for solar panel earthing also known as a surge arrester or lightning rod, is a device designed to protect electrical systems and equipment from the damaging effects of lightning strikes and voltage surges. It acts as a pathway for the electrical current to safely redirect and dissipate the excess energy into the ground, preventing potential damage and ensuring the safety of the systemBy employing a lightning arrester in your electrical system, you can safeguard valuable equipment, minimise downtime, and protect against the potentially devastating consequences of lightning-induced surges. Invest in reliable surge protection and ensure the uninterrupted operation of your electrical infrastructure.



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