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In Uganda only a handful of homes are connected to the national grid, locally known as Umeme. Even those that connected especially homes in cities and towns face a challenge of frequent and unplanned blackouts especially during unusual weather patterns like during moderate rains. Solar Battery Prices determing the overall cost of solar system

So for any one planning to tackle this problem by investing in a reliable solar system, an efficient, robust and affordable solar battery storage system is a must have especially if the solar system is designed to work at home, office, small business like shop, supermarket, clinic, or restaurant.



What is a solar battery?

A solar battery purpose is to store electricity flowing from the solar panels during sun days, so you can use the solar energy stored in the battery to power your appliances such as computers, CCTV cameras, laundry machines etc. There are different types of solar batteries and each type has its advantages and setbacks over the other. However, the primary job of energy storage makes solar batteries a perfect and essential component for most solar installations in Uganda, Although, today, we have Hybrid Off grid Inverters that can work on solar panels alone without batteries.


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How much do solar batteries cost?

Solar battery Prices in Uganda vary depending on several parameters.  The battery makes, the solar battery type, class of the battery (10hr or 20hr), Capacity of the solar battery in AH and where you buy the battery from. The battery brand also comes with a price tag. Solar battery brands with longer warranty periods have a higher price


 Price of solar battery in Uganda, 2022

The most common batteries and the ones trusted most in Uganda are mainly lean acid batteries and Gel batteries that have been tested and tried over a period of time.

The List below represents average price list of solar batteries in Uganda from the most common and trusted brands from different dealers


Solar Battery Size  Average Market Price
100 Ah Felicity Gel Solar Battery, 1 year’s warranty UGX 630,000
100 Ah Vision solar battery, 1 year’s warranty UGX 685,000
100 Ah Kema solar battery, 1 year’s warranty UGX 590,000
200 Ah Ritar solar battery, 1 year’s warranty UGX 1,100,000
200 Ah, Ceil NXT Solar Battery, 1 year’s warranty UGX 1,150,000
200 Ah, Felicity Gel Solar Battery, 2 Years Warranty UGX 1,100,000
200AH, 24V, Lithium LiFePO4 Solar Battery, 2 Years Warranty UGX 5,350,000
200AH, 48V, Lithium LiFePO4 Solar Battery, 2 Years Warranty UGX 9,600,000


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In Conclusion,

Many other Solar battery manufacturers have joined the growing solar market in Uganda, offering different battery brands in all classes from cheap solar batteries to a more premium brand of solar batteries. We shall make an update with the list of all other batteries and their characteristics.



  1. When I buy the battery do I get the solar panel and wiring, even invertor or what is the benifit with the solar batteries along with

    Bashir mawanda
    1. masrcorp

      Only when you purchase a complete system is when you all accessories as they are displayed on the order.
      Get complete solar ystem on https://solarmarket.ug/product-category/complete-solar-systems-uganda/

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