Masrcorp Solar Water Heater 120Ltrs Direct-Megasun

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The 120ltr Megasun Solar water heater system is quite a good product that can work with fairly clean water. It has an aluminum tank that ensures durability. The materials used in making the system are quite good and confirms durability. The system comes with the tank, solar collector and installation accessories for to be used while installing the system. The system is quite good and the country of Origin is Greece. The system can either be ground mounted, meaning that it can be put on the ground or roof mounted, meaning that it can be put on the roof of a house. The plumber should just confirm availability of two lines and that is for hot water and cold water. If the initial design of the house had it in place, then it will work well. But if the two lines are not available, then it means that necessary actions have to be taken by way of modification to ensure the two lines are available for the solar water heating system to be effective and work efficiently. The solar water heating system has got a very thick glass on the collector panel and therefore hail storms cannot affect the glass to some considerable level. The Solar water heating system has got the boosting option, where you can use electricity to boost the temperature of water, in the event the weather is so bad and the Solar water heating system is not able to heat the water efficiently. The boosting option therefore works well as a backup. The tank is like a Thermos and therefore maintains the temperature of water for a while. The water heater has a temperature thermostat that ensures that recommended water temperatures are not exceeded when the booster option is put on. The solar water heater system saves water heating electricity bills by up to 65%.*

  • Solar Water Heater 120Ltrs Direct-Megasun.
  • Good for fairly soft water with little impurities.
  • Collector panel is 2000 1pc
  • Has a booster element
  • The structure is mainly aluminium.

Offer includes the Tank, Heating Collector Panel and Framing.

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