5Amps Phocos Charge Controller-Grey

  • Solar Charge Controller 5amps Phocos
  • Rated Voltage 12v
  • Self-Consumption less than 30mA
  • Charging Mode PWM mode.
  • Durable


The 5A Solar Charge Controller is designed for solar use. The charge controller will prevent overcharging from solar panels and over discharging DC current when loads are directly connected to it. It has a proven record of high-performance, efficiency and excellent quality.

The Solar system charge controllers are designed for home solar power systems and small solar power stations. The charge controller is an intelligent controller and therefore senses all parameters automatically.  It is highly efficient and is a PWM(Pulse-Width-Modulation) controller. It has the capability to sense Reverse polarity & high/low voltage battery protection. The charge controller has Output current & short circuit protection and the digital display shows system status at all times.

The charge controller will help in ensuring that all charge put to the battery during the day is maintained and protects also the battery from overcharging. When the sun is not shining, it also prevents the charge from getting from the battery to the solar panel, which will then lead to energy losses. It is a small product in size but a very important component in solar systems. The charge controller is light in weight and easy to install.

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