500Ah 2V Ceil OPZs Solar Battery


  • Solar Battery 500Ah 2V Ceil Battery
  • Great for Power Back up or Solar Systems
  • Unique battery with proven performance
  • Standard Range
  • Suitable for deep discharge


The battery only


  • Color: BLACK
  • Main Material: Lead acid
  • Model: Chloride Solar
  • Production Country: India
  • Product Line: Solar Battery
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 78.9*54*16.55
  • Weight (kg): 10

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UGX 920,000

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Chloride Solar 500ah 2volts

This battery is an 500 ampere hour 2volts battery which is great for solar and backup systems. It should be bought several of them to achieve desired Voltage. The battery is made with a composition of lead and acid. The manufacturer of the battery has got long successful experience over the years and is well known for the expertise in the production of such batteries. The battery is a deep cycle type of battery and therefore offers great performance on both solar and power back up systems. The deep cycle means that it discharges very slowly and therefore can be used for a longer time when fully charged. It has been made with the highest quality of its standard and is ready for use. There is no need to worry about filling it with Acid as it already has and is ready for use. It has unique terminals making it easy to connect to an inverter or a Solar panel or any other connection and therefore it becomes easy to install even with little or no technical background. The battery is spill proof and therefore the electrolyte inside will not in any way get outside the designated area. it has a great unique combination of colours and is appealing to the eye. As long as the battery is matched with the application, it will last long and that shows the high quality standards that the battery has and therefore offering the required energy solution. The battery with its spill proof technology is well designed and therefore does not fume and therefore can be put in well ventilated areas within the house. Because it has lead, once it is for replacement, we advise that you dispose off the battery to authorized waste collectors who will ensure that they are disposed correctly. This will ensure that we are also taking good care of the Environment.


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